You said that we can't be friends because of me, but I am so who broke up. Since I said that I can't be friends because of my indifference, I said that we won't care about each other and forget the past, why we can't be friends. I really want to talk like two classmates in our spare time. Since we don't love each other anymore, the shackles will not exist, so why can't we So, I just want you to see my existence, otherwise I really don't know why it exists. If we can face it normally, all these things will not exist. I will not say that I love you, I just say that you find your own happiness and belonging, and I will also feel gratified. Maybe my words are not so important to you. It's the first time for me to write so clearly in such a long time. It's like a way to write to you, because from the heart, I think it doesn't stop writing. It doesn't matter if you don't go to my space to see me. I'll tell you one I'm a member of the website "article reading network". If you want to be a person in the sea to visit my article, I hope you can treat me as a friend, not a person who has been cut off. I know that even if we become friends, you won't often talk to me. I just hope you can talk to me when you are in doubt After so much writing, I want to say that Liu Wenjing, for three years, we haven't met each other and rarely contacted each other. I have forgotten that feeling, and you have forgotten it. Why can't we become normal friends! Even if I have hurt you, I have been erased too much. If you think everything is not enough, I hope I can help you as much as I can in the future. For three years alone, though I keep my nature, I may become a lot stranger. I don't know if you can write so much when you hear me.